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Important:  Fields with an asterisk (*) are required, the Turbine Waiver is also required if you intend to operate a turbine aircraft.

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By submitting this application, I hereby agree to comply with all the AMA SAFETY CODES, NORTH DALLAS RC CLUB Field Safety and Flying rules for all model aircraft operations at all North Dallas RC Club Flying Sites. I further agree to abide by and comply with the North Dallas RC Club Bylaws and Standing Rules, and to any changes or modifications that may be made to them during my membership period. I understand and agree that as a condition of membership my failure to comply with all the applicable SAFETY FLYING RULES and/or failure to conduct myself in a Gentlemanly or Lady-Like manner will result in the revoking of my membership. I understand and agree to provide the AMA and a NORTH DALLAS RC CLUB Officer written notice within thirty (30) days of an occurrence of any incident of bodily injury and/or property damage. I am very aware that model aircraft operations present hazards, and I EXEMPT AND HOLD HARMLESS NORTH DALLAS RC CLUB, its OFFICERS and MEMBERS from all liability including personal injury, property damage, or death caused by me, or my guest’s actions.